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The CastleCraft competition is now over and the contributions have been judged! The competition spanned over 1 month and members of the Castle group were given a chance to win three premium memberships by designing Minecraft skins related to Castle. The judges were Oscar, Zumyion and TheOnlyHorse, unfortunately Zumyion has been unable to access the internet as we haven't been able to contact her. Let's hope no computer has been fried! Despite this we now have the results waiting right below!

#3 - Vampedkilla

#2 - Duckyroannubbles

#1 - Elomun

Congratulations Elomun, you've been awarded a 3-month premium membership! Vampedkilla and Ducky have been given a 1-month premium membership as well! You probably noticed as Oscar snuck these away before my blog entry ;) Let's see what we got below:

Castle Minecraft skins by elomun


It's a winner in my eyes. I really like how these skins were able to give the guys some expression and characteristics, despite there are just so few pixels available to work with. Even Ray's broken visor shows. I also think it was a nice descision to use the human versions of the characters, rather than the stick figure versions, because those are quite limited by design obviously. Overall, great job and the efford is awarded with a three months premium DA membership!

This is the contribution with most detail in my opinion, gradients and individually coloured pixels toned brighter/darker have been used to prevent a flat look! I can clearly see those armour plates resemble the original character artworks by Oscar. And of course, Etrius "hi-tech combat t-shirt" ;) I also like the way Elomun designed Ray's visor, I expected somebody to slap the helmet right on his head but instead we got deviants using the second layer surrounding the head. Well done!

Castle Minecraft skins by duckyroannubbles


Second place entry. Like Elomun, Ducky chose to work with the human versions which offers more possibilities in the first place, and the results are more interesting. The droner gave me a chuckle because I didn't think anyone would chose to make one and it's quite neatly pulled of as well! Lloyd is obviously the obsessed himself, and I think it's worth to mention because it proves Ducky gave this entry some thought and didn't just pick the regular Lloyd instead. From what I can tell, he's also wearing some custom thought out outfit which is always cool to see. The grenades on Boomer's chest are also a nice touch :D

My very favourite design is the droner, it has a human shape but it's body is old and severed. I wouldn't like to discover a horde of these inside a cave, they'd probably eat me faster than Creeper goes BOOM. Luckily we got Boomer to save the day although his eye placement (just like Lloyd) gave me some food for thought... What are they doing down there? Besides this Boomer and Lloyd have interesting details and colours based on Ducky's imagination of the characters. Always nice to see fan based concepts! I would mention the grenades if Oscar didn't steal that *cough*

Castle Minecraft skins by VampedKilla


Unlike the rest of the entries, Vamp chose to work with the stick figure design. Like I mentioned before, the fallback of this is that I don't think it opens up for too many design choices, other than mimicking the Castle design. However, that is done great and I knew who each of the guys were before reading the description :) Thumbs up for Some Other Guy, the blood in the chest and mouth gave it away instantly, haha.

The simplicity of these skins is something I like and they ARE actually the closest you can get to a stickman in Minecraft. But then we got the downside, details and colours are limited. Despite this I really like the entry, just look at that pixlated mustache and bloody fist! You can't miss who they are. This is an entry shining with clean design but the box grids could've been removed to make the preview look better.
OscarJohansson Featured By Owner May 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Good jobz everybode :D And Toh for hosting this!
EvilTie Featured By Owner May 12, 2013
Congratulations to the winners. Can't wait for the next competition. Keep it coming, Miss. (:
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May 12, 2013